👋 Hi! I'm...

Florian Janke

Computer science student at UT Austin. Most of my experience stems from web development, but I am interested in machine learning, computer vision, data science, and virtualization.

Intern Directory

A simple landing website to a service for students to network with companies. Allows for easy entry and search of students in technology companies and their contact information.


A host used to stage a variety of personal and group projects. Projects include Ctrl-F Video (a simple service that allows for search of keywords in a YouTube video) Continuity (a collaborative writing tool), and Sonar (a small game using three-dimensional audio).


Former home of a portal that aggregates a variety of information used at my high school. It has since been discontinued and functions now as a landing page for a former feature of the portal. Also available via a Telegram bot.

Software Engineering Intern @ WP Engine

June - August 2017

I worked on an internal API to store, save, and relay notifications. Also integrated said API into the customer portal. The feature is set to deploy to 60000+ customers.

Organizer @ Freetail Hackers

February 2017, ongoing

As part of the innovation team, I most recently worked on saffron, a website to submit code for a side challenge at Music Hacks, a hackathon organized by Freetail. I am also involved in other aspects of the organization such as event management and advertising.

Secretary @ Robotics & Automation Society

April 2017 - October 2017

I joined the Region V subgroup and worked on the visual processing component of a competitive robot. I was later elected to the secretary position, in charge of organizing meetings and coordinating activities.